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Create a Legacy

Plan your estate to benefit your heirs, save taxes and support Five Acres.

Create a legacy with an enduring philanthropic gift.

Planned gifts allow you to manage your affairs, save taxes and benefit your heirs while supporting Five Acres' vital work. Establishing a planned gift ensures your wishes and can provide a lasting legacy for you and your family.

Planned gifts include bequests or estate gifts, deferred gifts, insurance and income producing charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts. Test how "smart" you are by finding out your Estate Planning Quotient (E.P.Q.) in the E.P.Q. test!

Explore the benefits of planned giving. Read the stories below or chose an area in the menu to learn more.

Receive information
about gifts of appreciated stocks, life insurance, annuities, or other options for making a planned gift or to notify Five Acres of your intent or provision which includes Five Acres in your estate planning

In 2013 Five Acres will celebrate its 125th anniversary, a milestone made possible by countless, generous people. They were not known to most of us, but they cared as deeply as we do about vulnerable children. At key moments these generous people provided the resources for Five Acres to take the next step in its development, often through bequests. Thanks to you who have similarly thought ahead and have made plans, or are making plans, to include the children and families Five Acres serves in your estate plans.

For more information please contact Cynthia Nickell at (626) 798-6793 Ext. 2250.

Never Stop

Leslie Lyons is the volunteer board member every nonprofit wishes were theirs. She is generous with her time, her talent, her resources and especially her heart. Read More

Something I Believe In

Ernie Posey met his wife Gunde many years ago making a sales call in Denmark. “It was love at first sight. As soon as I saw Gunde, I forgot all about the products I was trying to sell... Read More

"This is God's Work"

“The work Five Acres does is the noblest thing a person can do. I think it’s God’s work,” says Dan Wier who joined the board of directors in the 1980s. But Dan wanted a hands-on connection with the kids... Read More

A Place in My Heart

He’s the kind of volunteer most organizations pursue, the kind that stay committed long after their days of active participation. Read More

"Where's Scott"

The young girls in Lark Cottage eagerly anticipate the monthly evenings with their Special Angels of the Five Acres Children’s Guild. Debi Kroman wanted to share the experience with her husband Scott... Read More

Wider Reach

Bill Clark’s role models are a diverse group – his Irish grandmother, his Japanese father-in-law, and Five Acres Ambassador Stan Weston. Read More

Worth Supporting

Up the narrow streets at the top of the foothills in southwest Pasadena is Pauline Ledeen’s beautiful home with a 360-degree vista of the city. At 94 years of age you’d expect to find her relaxing... Read More

Sharing Good Fortune

“She was a private lady,” Al Meymarian said of Dorothy Phillips, “with a tremendous care for the elderly, battered, abused and anyone in need.” Mr. Meymarian considers it an honor to be the trustee responsible for the distribution of Ms. Phillips’ estate... Read More

Maybe You and I

Every Monday afternoon in Five Acres’ dining room 85-year-old Frank Brill reads with a child. On the weeks students are on vacation Frank sends his student a note on a greeting card. Read More

She Wanted to Help Kids

“Jane was very interested in young children,” said attorney David Pierce of San Marino who delivered a generous check to Five Acres from Jane F. Neilson’s trust. After Mrs. Neilson’s only son died in a traffic accident... Read More

A Century of Giving

“The last time I was at Five Acres I was in uniform.” Jim Fullerton was referring to his previous visit in 1946 to the campus his father helped build in 1925 on five acres of land... Read More