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Perpetuate Your Gift

For more information, please contact Cynthia Nickell at (626) 798-6793 ext. 2250 or email her by clicking here.

Perpetuate Your Annual Gift*

If your annual gift is:

It can continue with a contribution of:













*Deposited in Five Acres’ investment fund and earning 5%, a contribution of 20 times your annual gift will ensure that it lives on.

"This is God's Work"

Susan and Dan Wier's Story:

“The work Five Acres does is the noblest thing a person can do. I think it’s God’s work,” says Dan Wier who joined the board of directors in the early 1980s.  But Dan wanted a hands-on connection with the kids, so when he retired from the board he became a “special friend” to group home youngsters Tommy and James. Dan took them to ball games and the movies, but more importantly Dan modeled caring and responsible adulthood.

Dan knew that in those early days when youth emancipated from the system there was no formal program to take them to the next step. So when Tommy needed a car to get to Glendale Community College, Dan called a friend whose Jetta was for sale, persuaded him to sell it at a discount and then solicited six more friends to join him in donating the rest of the cost.

Soon Susan became involved with Five Acres through the Festival of Trees fund raiser and then joined the board of directors. Sharing Dan’s passion for youth leaving the system, Susan chaired the scholarship committee and was impressively successful in attracting funds for individual students. “I loved it because I didn’t expect to ask for money and be successful. But if you give people an easy and meaningful way to do it, they will.  It was just so easy.  And I believed in it!”.

Dan and Susan continue to support the scholarship program through their annual giving and have provided for its future in their estate plan.  As Susan puts it, “We believe wholeheartedly in Five Acres and its wonderful mission.  It’s where our heart is.”

For information about the scholarship fund or ways to remember Five Acres in your estate plan, please contact Cynthia Nickell at (626) 798-6793 Ext. 2250 or email her.