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Planned Giving FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

QWhat kinds of gifts does Five Acres accept?

A: Outright gifts of cash, securities or other property
(e.g., real estate, personally property).

A gift through your will or revocable trust, or through distribution from a retirement plan or life insurance policy.

A gift that returns lifetime payments to you, your spouse, or other individuals, such as a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust.

QWhat assets can I use to make a gift?

A:  Cash, publicly traded securities or the remainder of your retirement account. Other possibilities are real estate, closely held stock and artwork.

Q:  What tax deductions are available?

A: Outright gifts generate a full income-tax charitable deduction. Those of appreciated securities are deductible at fair market value with no recognition of capital gains.

Gifts of personal property like art, books and collectibles are fully deductible if they are relevant to our mission.

Bequests are exempt from estate tax.

Life insurance distributions are exempt from estate tax.

A lifetime gift of an insurance policy generates a deduction for the value of the policy.

The charitable deduction for a gift that makes payments to you, such as a charitable gift annuity or a charitable remainder trust, is the fair market value of the gift asset minus the present value of the income interest you retain.

For additional information, please contact Cynthia Nickell at (626) 798-6793 Ext. 2250 or email her.

Something I Believe In

Ernest Posey's Story:

Ernie Posey met his wife Gunde many years ago making a sales call in Denmark.  “It was love at first sight.  As soon as I saw Gunde, I forgot all about the products I was trying to sell and tried to sell her on the idea of having dinner with me.  I never had such a tough sale!”

After numerous trips back to Denmark, Gunde finally gave in, and 23 years later they live happily in Arcadia and are the proud parents of two sons — David, a student at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, and Mark, a freshman at PCC.

Today Ernie is CEO of the J.T. Posey Company, a company his 91-year-old father founded in 1937. The company has grown to 375 employees with the head office in Arcadia, warehousing in Chicago and manufacturing plants in Mexico and China. The company has designed and developed over 600 products used in hospitals and nursing homes around the world.

“I am grateful that I have been so fortunate and received the love and attention every kid needs growing up.  It’s important to me to help the children at Five Acres grow up in a secure and supporting environment”

Ernie is a Five Acres Ambassador and serves on the investment committee.  When asked how he came to know about Five Acres, his quick reply is, “Gary pulled me in!”  Five Acres board chair Gary Blasiar met Ernie through YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) in 1992, and Ernie has been an active volunteer and generous donor ever since.

“Five Acres is very important to me. I realize that budget cuts will only get worse and want to help while I’m alive and into the future. That’s why Gunde and I have included Five Acres in our estate plan. My association with Five Ares has been very rewarding.  It’s something I believe in.  I only wish I could do more.”

For information about the scholarship fund or ways to remember Five Acres in your estate plan, please contact Cynthia Nickell, at 626.798.6793 Ext. 2250 or email Cynthia