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Contact Susan Lowe If you are interested or have Questions (626) 773-3751 - Slowe@5acres.org

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Wish Tree advocates are the children's holiday angels.  Wish Trees are decorated with the wishes of the boys and girls of Five Acres.  Five Acres furnishes the ornaments containing the children's wishes and ages to any office, business or group interested in sponsoring a tree. The ornaments are displayed to be chosen by your employees, friends, family, community group or customers who then fill the child's wish and return the gift with the ornament attached. Five Acres will pick up large donations at your convenience for holiday distribution to the children.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Wish Tree or would like additional information, please call or email us early enough that we can prepare the ornaments in time to meet your target date. Please ask donors to add their name and address to the ornament do we know who to thank and provide tax letter. Return mailing labels or stamps work well for this! A spreadsheet listing donors and gifts managed by the sponsoring group is helpful and much appreciated. It allows Five Acres to thank each participant and credit the business/group for all the donations.