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Electronics and Music

Teens transitioning from foster care and many of community families can utilize current-technology items. We can accept only newer working computers, printers or LCD monitors. Please include all cables, parts and manuals. Due to the new disposal requirements and related expense, we cannot accept any standard or CRT monitors.

        •  Color flat televisions or LCD TV monitors
        •  CD players, Boomboxes, MP3 players and iPods
        •  Stereo systems with speakers
        •  Cameras and Hi-8 or Digital Video cameras
        •  TiVo and DVD players
        •  Newer laptops or towers - Pentium IV or newer
        •  iMac, MacBooks or Mac G4 or faster Apple computers
        •  LCD color monitors 
        •  USB hard drives, scanners and printers

To protect your privacy please remove all data from your computer hard drive before you donate a computer. Donors are responsible for meeting all privacy regulations or protocols.

Many free and shareware programs are available to assist you in clearing the computer disks, hard drive and other storage devices you wish to donate.  Windows and Macintosh shareware programs such as Eraser are available online at such places at shareware.com or www.mrfreefree.com

Contact Us at (626) 798-6793 ext. 2250 with questions regarding a donation.