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Five Acres Ambassadors

Five Acres Ambassadors are professional, business and community leaders who came together in 1988 at the request of the executive director. They recognize that the enormous problem of child abuse requires the creative investment of the private sector in partnership with public policy makers. Ambassadors are committed to preserving the excellent programs Five Acres offers and to developing more effective child abuse prevention services.

Ambassadors play and active role in promoting child welfare. They host regular receptions with child welfare professionals apprising them and their guest of new developments in the field so they can stay current with what is happening. They lend their influence through introductions, using their name to represent us to advance the welfare of children at risk. They take part in initiatives such as establishing scholarship funds and supporting new programs that support the work of Five Acres.

Ambassadors make a significant annual financial contribution to express their support. One of the rewards of being a Five Acres Ambassador is knowing that the services Five Acres provides to abused children locally are replicated in the lives of children nationwide. If you are interested, please contact us.

Gail & David Bryant
Stephen Chandler
Christine M. Davis
Judith and Stanley Farrar
Robert J. Floe
David A. Ford
James D. Fullerton
Gene E. Gregg, Jr.
Tom Haralambos
Kay Linden
Anne Marculescu
Donivee and Merrill Nash
Ernest Posey
Alix Reeves
Mrs. J. Randolph Richards
Karen Ryan
Michael S. Sanchez
Pamela S. Scott
Margaret and Charles Sedenquist
Tetsu Tanimoto
Beth Uffner
Maria Low Way
Marilyn T. Wells
Marjorie and Joseph Wyatt
Denise and Robert Zeilstra

Contact: Jennifer Berger, Chief Development Officer - jberger@5acres.org  (626) 773-3749