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2014-2015 Board

Five Acres' Board of Directors is composed of volunteers serving up to three 3-year terms and four designated directors.

John Reith
Board Chair

Don Bishop
Vice Chair Finance

Rustin Mork
Vice Chair Business Affairs

Christianne F. Kerns
Vice Chair Program

Ryan Dietz
Vice Chair Advancement

Brad Reaume
Board Secretary / Vice Chair Board Affairs

Chanel Boutakidis
Chief Executive Officer


Casey Adams

Josef Farrar

Mariann Nolan

Niahat Ahmed

Ted Cosse
Brad Mohr

Chantal Bennett

Michele Dooley

Maggie Navarro

Donald E. Bishop

David A. Ford

Catherine L. Simms

Alex Blecksmith

William R. Hayden

Dino White

Don C. Boline

Kelley A. Lashley

William Wishne 

Antoinette Bunkley

Sue McGuirl

 Anita P. Yagjian





Andrew Crowell
Past Board Chair


Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.
John F. Kennedy