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Five Acres Timeline

The Boys' and Girls' Aid Society of Los Angeles County established as an orphanage
Grover Cleveland wins reelection as president and the average wage is $2.26 a day or $565 a year. Susan B. Anthony initiates the women's movement. The Washington Monument first opens to the public. Cable Cars begin service in Los Angeles, a patent for the first camera is filed by George Eastman under the name Kodak, a patent for an optical phonograph is filed and a patent for the first video ai filed by Thomas Edison. Child protection is sporadic in 1888. Intervention relies on individual or organization efforts. Prosecution is infrequent and random although laws to protect animals have been on the books since 1866  following the formation of the ASPCA.

1903 Moves from Los Angeles to South Pasadena
Theodore Roosevelt is president, the average wage is $481 and the first successful, powered flight of an aircraft with a petrol engine was flown by Orville Wright. The second Rose Bowl game is held in Pasadena, California. The Trans-Pacific telephone cable that connected Hawaii to the mainland is one year old, juvenile court is now four years old and university social work classes enter their fifth year.
White House Conference on Dependent Children, chaired by President Theodore Roosevelt, results in the beginning of federal uniform protection of children.

1926 Moves to its present five-acre location in Altadena
 Calvin Coolidge is president, minimum wage is $1 with the average yearly salary at $1,043.  Marilyn Monroe and Hugh Hefner are born. Route 66 is opened and First Class postage is $.02. 
White House Conference on Child Health and Protection is held under President Herbert Hoover and produces the nation's first "Children's Charter" which asserts the rights of all children to have safe home and school environments and to receive medical care.
1947 Five Acres name is adopted and agency moves from custodial care to casework
Harry S. Truman is president, the average annual income is $2,202. and average car cost $1,300. The transistor is invented and the first airplane breaks the speed of sound. Jackie Robinson who becomes the first African American is born and a supposedly downed extraterrestrial spacecraft is reportedly found in the Roswell UFO incident.

1957 Accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Services for Family and Children
Dwight D. Eisenhower is president The average American production worker is now making $82.32 a week and paying an average monthly rent of $90.00. Gasoline is 24 cents a gallon, stamps are $.03 and  unemployment is at 4.3%. Slinkys and Hula Hoops are the most popular toys.  NYC ends trolley car service and desegregation in Little Rock school requires federal intervention. 

1965 San Marino Area Auxiliary of Five Acres established
Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in as president, the average income is $6,450.00 a year and rent is $118 a month. Gas is 31 cents a gallon and inflation rate is1.59%. The first US troops arrive in Vietnam. Civil unrest with rioting, looting and arson known as The Watts Riots occur in Los Angeles. The latest toy craze is the skateboard. The miniskirt makes its first appearance. Kevlar and cordless phone are invented and first health warnings appeared on cigarette packets.

1972 Santa Rosa group home opens
Richard Nixon is president, the median  income is $9,697 a year, unemployment: is at 5.9%, first-class stamp is $0.08.  Watergate begins, Apollo 16 lands on the moon, LCD screens and CT are invented and the first scientific hand-held calculator is introduced by HP and sells at $395. 

1974 Five acres adds Art and activity therapy
Richard Nixon is president; annual income is $11,197; the average house costs $35,900.  Rubik's Cube and the Post It Note are introduced, President Nixon resigns and first-class postage goes from .08 to 10 cents.  The Child Abuse and Prevention and Treatment Act enacted, earmarking resources to identify and prevent abuse. Legislation also sets up the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect under the Dept. of Health and Human Services. 

Congress updates the Child Abuse and Prevention and Treatment Act to cover adoption and address placement standards and locating homes for special needs children. 
1981 Non-public therapeutic school opens
Ronald Reagan is president, average income is $13,773 year, and unemployment hits 7.6%. The first shuttle is launched, MTV is introduced, and the Intranet is first mentioned.  Sandra Day O'Connor nominated as the first woman Supreme Court judge.

1981 Monte Vista group home added
Rent averages $315.00 a month. Gasoline costs $1.25 a gallon. First digital camera is introduced, MS-DOS is released by Microsoft as OS for the first IBM PC.  The Supreme Court rules to allow television cameras in the courtroom and Prince Charles and Lady Diane are married.

1983 Research department opens

1983 Solita group home opens

1984 Bob Ketch becomes Excecutive Director

1986 Home-based services program added

1986 East Mountain group home opens

1986 Family Resource Center established

1988 Recreational therapy program begins

1988 Foster family program added

1988 Independent Living Program added

1988 Scholarship/independent living program begins

1988 Five Acres Ambassadors established
1988 Five Acres celebrates is Centennial Anniversary and 100 years of service

1990 Deaf services added

1990 Five Acres Children’s Guild founded

1995 Family preservation network added

1995 Deaf perinatal services program added

1999 School-based serices with counseling added

1999 Day rehabilitation established

2000 Training department added

2001 Therapeutic behavioral services added

2001 Licensed for adoptions

2004 Grace Center affiliation (est.1996)

2004 Aftercare services added

2005 Adoption promotion and support services added

2005 Multidisciplinary Assesment Team added

2006 Wraparound established
2006 Family Finding Technology added to permanency efforts

2007 Five Acres School received accreditation from the prestigious Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)

2007 Affiliation with Pasadena Mental Heath Center (est. 1965)

2008 Intensive treatment foster care added
2009 Zeilstra Research and Training Center established
2012 Chanel Boutakidis appointed as CEO
2013 Five Acres celebrates its Quasquicentennial - 125 th Anniversary.