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Five Acres has served vulnerable children and families since 1888. We provide family-centered support services on campus and through outreach programs in homes, at schools and in off-site offices.
  Five Acres cares for and protects the innocent and vulnerable through intervention and counseling, anger management, parenting classes and our domestic violence program.
Five Acres helps children and families heal and thrive. Treatment is personalized and may utilize or combine assessment services, individual, family or group counseling, an individualized education plan (IEP) and an array of other services and mental health therapies.

Five Acres Non-public School is an intensive therapeutic learning environment for children with academic deficiencies and severe emotional or behavioral. To enroll call Debbie Salas, M.A. (626) 798-6793, Ext. 2315.  
Five Acres advocates for children and families for services, patient rights, access to treatment, standards of care, community awareness and understanding.
Strengthen Five Acres strengthens individuals and families by building on the strengths of the individual, family and community.
Provide Homes
Every child deserves security and a loving home. Five Acres works to secure permanent homes through family preservation, family finding, fostering and adoption.
Mentor Our education and special-friend mentors build trust and act as guides on the path to stability and independence.
Five Acres empowers individuals and families through effective collaboration, innovation and partnerships.
Five Acres strives for the highest standards of quality and excellence in services, cultural competence, professionalism, leadership and ethics. We meet or exceed standards of care through research, self-evaluation, advancement and dedication.
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Chanel W. Boutakidis, MA, MFT

Chief Executive Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Karen Evans, MPA

Chief Operating Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Carmen Benitez, MBA

Chief Administrative Officer

Senior Leadership Team 

Daniel Braun, MBA
Chief Financial Officer

Senior Leadership Team

Dr. Rachel Mc Clements, PsyD
Chief Clinic Officer
Senior Leadership Team

Jennifer Berger, MPA
Chief Advancement Officer
Senior Leadership Team 

Monique Baca-Geary

Director of Education, Five Acres Therapeutic School

Marianne Guilfoyle, LCSW

Director for Permanency Programs

Elizabeth Gonzalez, MA

Director of Residential Treatment and RBS
Sally Mansour, LMFT

Director of Community-based Programs

Kristal Audoma, MA

Director of Therapeutic Family Services

Art Guillen

Director of Facilities

Chinling Chen, LCSW

Director of Contracts and Policies

Cammie Jones, LCSW

Director of Clinical Intake

William A. Shennum, PhD

Director of Research

Michael Strawn

Director of Information Technology