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Whom We Serve

Five Acres serves six counties (Los Angeles, Ventura, Orange and San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego) with the majority of clients living in Los Angeles County. Of the 4,845 unduplicated children and adults served by Five Acres in 2011, 57% were female and 43% were male. Ninety three percent of clients are considered poor or below the poverty level.  Ten percent of those served were between the ages 0-5, 30% were between the ages 6-12, 17% ages 13-17, 8% ages 18-24, 33% ages 25-64 and 1% ages 65 or older.  Fifty six percent accessing services were Latino, 24% African American, 15% Caucasian, 2% Asian, 1% American Indian and 4% other. The majority of those served spoke English, with 16% of the families speaking Spanish as their primary language. 75 families had at least one family member using American Sign Language.