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Five Acres empowers individuals and families through effective collaboration, innovation and partnerships.
Grace Center, a domestic violence program of Five Acres, has helped to empower a domestic violence survivor to make it through a rough court battle o complete her divorce, gain custody of her children and regain their home from her abusive husband. This was accomplished through a new partnership between Grace Center, the client and a very generous law firm.

Two youth in our Independent Living Program meanwhile have grown to the point that they have reached financial stability and are able to provide for their own needs without financial support from Five Acres but with the knowledge that we will always be there should they need us. They will now “flying on their own” as Vida, director of Permanency reported the news. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the young adults and an illustration of the commitment of Five Acres permanency team considering the unfortunate reality which finds 51% of former foster youth are unemployed and 10-25% homeless. Learn More