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EES Certfication Course

Please join us in the Educate, Equip and Support (EES) 12 week certification course. This is an educational program on mental health for family members that build partnerships between family leaders.

In December, 38 parents from Five Acres and the community graduated from Educate, Equip and Support (EES). During the first generation of EES, family leaders formed the parent support group Genesis, Hope and Success.

We are dedicated to the ongoing support of families and will be offering the EES certification course on:

9am-11am (Educate, Equip and Support)
11am-1pm (Parent Support Group)
Second Floor Conference Room (El Monte)

5pm-7pm (Educate, Equip and Support)
Second Floor Conference Room (El Monte)

Attached are the English and Spanish fliers, please share them with those who may benefit. See you all there.


Berenice Cobián Torres, Q.B.E.
Wraparound Parent Partner
Mobile: (626) 674-0640
Email: btorres@5acres.org
Five Acres
4401 North Santa Anita Avenue, Suite #100
El Monte, California 91732