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Adoption Awareness

a young boy holding a sign with national adoption month written on itAll children deserve a permanent family to keep them safe, nurture them and help them heal. November is National Adoption Awareness Month. On any given day 513,000 children reside in the U.S. foster care system as a result of abuse and neglect; 114,000 of those children are available for adoption. In Los Angeles County there are 900 children waiting for an adoptive family. Each year more children become available for adoption than are adopted. Half of the children who are adopted from foster care are nearly nine years old, and many of them spend five years or more waiting to be adopted. Every year, approximately 20,000 children in foster care turn 18 and age out of the public child welfare system without a permanent family to call their own.  

Five Acres is committed to helping find permanent, adoptive homes for children. Since receiving our adoption license in 2000, we have provided 40 children with permanent families, through adoption. Thus, we have assisted 20 families in adding to their family through adoption. People make the decision to add to their family through adopting for various reasons, and each family’s journey is unique.  All of the families we serve have ongoing support through the Five Acres Adoption Program. We are available to support adoptive families through the adoption process as well as long after the adoption has finalized because the process of nurturing relationships continue. Therefore, Five Acres not only helps families adopt through our foster to adopt program but also provides ongoing support to families through services such as our Adoption Mental Health Clinic and our Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) program.

To honor National Adoption Day courts across the county will finalize thousands of adoptions. If you are considering adding to your family through adoption please contact Marianne Guilfoyle M.S.W., Adoption Supervisor at (909) 293-7855 or Ivon Favela, Intake and Certification Coordinator at 626-246-1728. 

Every day there is a child who faces unsafe circumstances due to sexual identity or orientation.
Can you provide a safe home for a LGBTQ youth?
Learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent by clicking here
or contact Selena Liu at 909-293-7851.

November is National Adoption Month
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