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Deaf Services Program

Deaf Services provides in-home counseling, outpatient therapy, parent education and perinatal services in American Sign Language in the areas of child abuse treatment, prevention and child mental health services to families in the greater Los Angeles deaf community. It is the only community-based deaf services program in  Los Angeles County.

 teacher and student signing 

Five Acres’ Deaf Perinatal Services is a home visitation program free to all pregnant deaf women and deaf parents of infants and children under five in Los Angeles County. A professional visiting nurse or child development specialist provides assistance and instruction in American Sign Language for infant care, well-baby care and assessment, child development and family support and advocacy.

Contact: Amy Kay, Deaf Services Supervisor - akay@5acres.org (626) 798-6793 Extension 3165
TTY (626) 204-1375

A Call for Help

Jeff is a 17-year-old deaf youth who referred himself for counseling to assist with communication problems with his widowed mother which have led to chronic stomach pains. Jeff and his family moved to Los Angeles two years ago from a remote village in Mexico where services for the deaf are unavailable.

His mother reported that Jeff was physically aggressive, used provocative language and taunted her, his siblings, and younger family members. He yelled, dressed inappropriately, did not obey his mother, broke curfew, left home at night without permission and did not respond to his mother’s phone calls, did not do his homework, forged school notes and associated with negative peers and older adults.

With Five Acres’ assistance Jeff is attending a school for the deaf and is learning American Sign Language (ASL). For the first time he is able to communicate effectively with his family. Jeff’s therapy uses a trilingual interpreter (ASL, English and Spanish) and includes behavioral reinforcements, family supportive services, weekly family communication skills building, positive parenting, and direct one-on-one therapy with his ASL-speaking deaf therapist. The family’s counseling services are funded by Five Acres’ Prevention Fund for clients that have no insurance and cannot afford therapy.

Jeff’s mother reported an immediate positive impact on Jeff’s communication and a decrease in his defiant behaviors. She is effectively managing her stress and models firm and open communication. She shows consistent support and love with a calm demeanor, validates Jeff’s feelings and supports new ideas. She has also learned to admit to shortcomings and now includes Jeff in dialogues using her newly acquired skills.