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Certification Process

Step 1: Contact Ivon Favela 626-246-1728 or email by clicking here to schedule an in-home orientation to see if your home meets basic licensing standards and the compatibility to Five Acres seems appropriate

Step 2: Complete Application & SAFE Questionnaire in Full Application Packet (below) - prior to training classes. 

Step 3: Attend Trainings. 

Step 4: During training week, get live scanned finger prints done


Step 5: After majority of your certification items have been completed, you’ll be referred for a home study (our home study specialist will meet with you to talk about fostering, your history to comprise what is essentially a short auto-biography).

Step 6: During your home study- the home inspection will be finalized.

Step 7: IF (Fingers Crossed) you have completed and passed all certification items you will be certified!

Duration of the certification process varies by applicant but the average length of the process is about 3 months.

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Certification Documents

Application Packet
Disclosure & Criminal Record Statement
Certification Tools - Instructions / Tips

Monthly Packet

Precertification Checklist
Home Inspection checklist
Live Scan Locations In LA

Dear Applicant Letter
List of Essential To-Do's

Initial Application
Consent Form ( Disclosure/Criminal Record

Ackowledgement of Child Abuse Reporting
Auto Insurance Agreement
Babysitter Clearance
Biological Family Contact Policy
Clothing allowance Policy
Continuing Education Policy
Decertification Policy
Disciplinary Guidelines
Discipline Policy
Live Scan Policy
On Call Protocol
Protocol For Notice of Dischage
Remimbursement Policy
Resource Parent Grievance Procedure
Resource Parent Responsibilities
Respite Policy
Statement of Liability
Transportation Policy
Unannounced Visit Policy
Acknowledgment of Confidentiality
Acknowledgment of AB 458
Out of State Criminal Record Statement
Floor Plan
Mock Fire Drill
Emergency Disaster Plan
Physical Form
AFE Questionaire
Consent to Release
Driver Record Disclosure
Financial Form
Prior Certification
Adoption FBI Live Scan
Adoption DOJ & CAL Live Scan
Foster Family Live Scan

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