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Click here to learn about Five Acres Foster and Adoption programs from Hilda Boulware as she talks with LaFern Cusack June 12, 2011 on LaFern's ESPN radio show "The Experience". Please call us today at (626) 246-1783 if you would like to foster or adopt.

Five Acres is looking for caring parents
to foster and/or adopt a child, ages 0 to 18yrs.

children need foster homes or forever familes

Five Acres is an all inclusive agency with open arms to qualified people without discrimination of age, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or ancestry. We recruit, train and certify foster families who have opened their homes and hearts to children. Families receive ongoing training and in-home visits by Five Acres' professional staff to ensure they receive the special support and training they need. We know that fostering and adoption can be a rewarding experience and we want to help you make that difference in the lives of children.

Five Acres also specializes in recruiting caring parents to foster and/or adopt deaf and hard-of-hearing children, ages 0 to 18 years.  We  train and certify foster families that meet the communication and cultural needs of a deaf child and open their homes to provide an accessible environment.  Families are linked with Five Acres’ professional staff who provide ongoing training and in-home visits to ensure that families have the support and training they need.  Fostering and adoption are rewarding experiences, and we welcome your helping to make a difference in the life of a deaf child. 

two adoptive mothers and daughterChanging Lives - Make a difference by opening your heart and home. Five Acres has been helping abused and neglected children since 1888 and maintains an excellent reputation for providing exceptional services and support to our families.

Interested in learning about or becoming a foster or adoptive parent? - Call Vaness Mann at 626-246-1783 or email her at vmann@5acres.org. Thank you for your interest in helping the children we serve! 








Five Acres Offers Training to Become a Foster or Adoptive Parent   

2014 Foster Parenting PRIDE Classes (Parent Resources for Information, Development and Education) are available.  Flexible training times (both week evenings and weekends combined. Two programs offered:  Traditional Foster Care 0-17yrs and ITFC (Intensive Treatment Foster Care) for 6-17yrs higher behavioral needs. Click here to see class schedule. Click here to meet the staff.

PRIDE is the standard foster/adoption preparation class used by most agencies in Los Angeles County covering all required training material and is the first step toward certification. In addition to providing applicants with valuable information about the issues with which foster and adoptive children struggle, instructors assist applicants in completing all other certification requirements during the course. The four-week course is free. Please see our Intensive Treatment Foster Care page.  For more information on training please contact Vanessa Mann at (626) 246-1783 or email her at vmann@5acres.org. 

Colorful hearts representing the open hearts of resource parents
Open your heart and home to a child. Take a child under your guidance
with support from us…..make a difference!

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Certification Documents

Application Packet
Disclosure & Criminal Record Statement
Certification Tools - Instructions / Tips

Monthly Packet

Precertification Checklist
Home Inspection checklist
Live Scan Locations In LA

Dear Applicant Letter
List of Essential To-Do's

Initial Application
Consent Form ( Disclosure/Criminal Record

Ackowledgement of Child Abuse Reporting
Auto Insurance Agreement
Babysitter Clearance
Biological Family Contact Policy
Clothing allowance Policy
Continuing Education Policy
Decertification Policy
Disciplinary Guidelines
Discipline Policy
Live Scan Policy
On Call Protocol
Protocol For Notice of Dischage
Remimbursement Policy
Resource Parent Grievance Procedure
Resource Parent Responsibilities
Respite Policy
Statement of Liability
Transportation Policy
Unannounced Visit Policy
Acknowledgment of Confidentiality
Acknowledgment of AB 458
Out of State Criminal Record Statement
Floor Plan
Mock Fire Drill
Emergency Disaster Plan
Physical Form
AFE Questionaire
Consent to Release
Driver Record Disclosure
Financial Form
Prior Certification
Adoption FBI Live Scan
Adoption DOJ & CAL Live Scan
Foster Family Live Scan

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