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  Intensive Treatment Foster Care, ITFC, provides a nurturing, therapeutic family setting combined with individualized and intensive treatment for children smiling, happy family in front of houseand adolescents who might otherwise be placed in residential treatment. It allows for the least restrictive setting in a family home and community environment.

ITFC is very similar to Foster Care, the main difference is that the child placed in your home has higher behavioral needs than a traditional foster care child.  Please see our easy to understand sheet to see the difference between ITFC and traditional foster care.  Download flier

Intensive Treatment Foster Care supports the philosophy that a family setting with community therapeutic support services in the youth's own neighborhood is the most effective way to achieve positive results. The first priority of the program is to ensure health, safety and welfare of the children served while meeting their unique and individual needs. The goals of Intensive Treatment Foster Care are to place a child in the least restrictive environment; determine a placed child’s permanency plan as quickly as possible; implement permanency plans in family settings; and if the permanency plan is for out-of-home placement, wrap the necessary services around the placed child to ensure placement success and prevent replacements.

An individual treatment plan is developed for each child and foster family. We are dedicated to supporting our families and the children they care for. 


Services for Children include: hugging happy family smiling for the camera



  • Crisis prevention and 24 hour emergency response

  • Support groups

  • Ongoing training for foster parents

  • Routine ITFC social worker home visits

  • Routine In-home counselor home visits

  • Psychotherapy, counseling, and medication support as needed

  • Social and recreational activities



Help bring hope to a child. Become a Foster parent today.


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For more information please contact:
  Ivon Favela 626-246-1728 (office) or email by clicking here.

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Certification Documents

Application Packet
Disclosure & Criminal Record Statement
Certification Tools - Instructions / Tips

Monthly Packet

Precertification Checklist
Home Inspection checklist
Live Scan Locations In LA

Dear Applicant Letter
List of Essential To-Do's

Initial Application
Consent Form ( Disclosure/Criminal Record

Ackowledgement of Child Abuse Reporting
Auto Insurance Agreement
Babysitter Clearance
Biological Family Contact Policy
Clothing allowance Policy
Continuing Education Policy
Decertification Policy
Disciplinary Guidelines
Discipline Policy
Live Scan Policy
On Call Protocol
Protocol For Notice of Dischage
Remimbursement Policy
Resource Parent Grievance Procedure
Resource Parent Responsibilities
Respite Policy
Statement of Liability
Transportation Policy
Unannounced Visit Policy
Acknowledgment of Confidentiality
Acknowledgment of AB 458
Out of State Criminal Record Statement
Floor Plan
Mock Fire Drill
Emergency Disaster Plan
Physical Form
AFE Questionaire
Consent to Release
Driver Record Disclosure
Financial Form
Prior Certification
Adoption FBI Live Scan
Adoption DOJ & CAL Live Scan
Foster Family Live Scan

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Every day there is a child who faces unsafe circumstances due to sexual identity or orientation.
Can you provide a safe home for a LGBTQ youth?
Learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent by clicking here
or contact Selena Liu at 909-293-7851.

November is National Adoption Month
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Extraordinary Families & CWI

The Child Welfare Initiative (CWI) has developed a collaborative network of resources to facilitate the recruitment, training and ongoing support to foster parents of a particular segment of children. Therapeutic foster care involves children who have greater behavioral and emotional needs and require a greater level of care from the parents.

Collaborating with six respected foster family agencies in the greater Los Angeles area (Aviva, ChildNet, Children’s Institute Inc., Five Acres, Hathaway-Sycamores and Olive Crest), the Children’s Welfare Initiative has created an interactive community of resources housed at www.Extraordinary-Families.org. The site launches today and serves as a means to inform interested parents on the level of care needed to successfully parent one of these children. The Child Welfare Initiative...