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Pre-Certification Classes
All  occur in El Monte - 2nd Floor Conference Room
Classes Tuesday and Thursday
from 5:30-7 p.m.

Tuesday Nights
Please note, orientations are a prerequisite to training.

Session 1
Orientation Jan. 7th
1. January 14
2. January 21
3. January 28th
4. February  4th
5. February 11th
6.February 18th
7.February 25th
8.March 4th

Session 2
Orientation Feb. 6th
1. February 13th
2. February 20th
3. February 27th
4. March 6th
5. March 13th
6. March 20th
7. March 27th
8. April 3rd

Session 3
Orientation March 11th
1. March 18th
2. March 25th
3. April 1st
4. April  8th
5. April 15th
6. April 22nd
7. April 29th
8. May 8th 
Session 4
Orientation April 10th
1. April 17th
2. April 24th
3. May 1st
4. May 8th
5. May 15th
6. May 22nd
7. June 5th
8. June 12th

Session 5
Orientation May 13th
1. May 20th
2. June 3rd
3. June 10th
4. June 17th
5. June 24th
6. July 1st
7. July 8th
8. July 15th

Session 6
Orientation June 19th
1. June 26th
2. July 10th
3. July 17th
4. July 24th
5. July 31st
6. August 7th
7. August 14th
8. August 21st

Session 7
Orientation July 22nd
1. July 29th
2. August 5th
3. August 12th
4. August 19th
5. August 26th
6. September 2nd
7. September 9th
8. September 16th
Session 8
Orientation August 28th
1. September 4th
2. September 11th
3. September 18th
4. September 25th
5. October 2nd
6. October 9th
7. October 16th
8. October 23rd
Session 9
Orientation Sept. 23rd
1. September 30th
2. October 7th
3. October 14th
4. October 21st
5. October 28th
6. November 4th
7. November 11th
8. November 18th

Orientations must be completed prior to training.
Orientation Hours– 5:30‐7:00 p.m.

All parents in the home must attend.
Trainings consists of an 8 week series. Hours– 5:30– 8:30 p.m.
All trainings occur on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings.

Please call or email Ivon Favela 626-246-1728 to RSVP for an orientation/training. Please note, orientations are a prerequisite to training. All classes take place at the El Monte office.


Extraordinary Families & CWI

The Child Welfare Initiative (CWI) has developed a collaborative network of resources to facilitate the recruitment, training and ongoing support to foster parents of a particular segment of children. Therapeutic foster care involves children who have greater behavioral and emotional needs and require a greater level of care from the parents.

Collaborating with six respected foster family agencies in the greater Los Angeles area (Aviva, ChildNet, Children’s Institute Inc., Five Acres, Hathaway-Sycamores and Olive Crest), the Children’s Welfare Initiative has created an interactive community of resources housed at www.Extraordinary-Families.org. The site launches today and serves as a means to inform interested parents on the level of care needed to successfully parent one of these children. The Child Welfare Initiative...