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Do You Need Help?

Are You in a Battering Relationship?

You may be in a battering relationship if you:

  • are frightened of your partner's temper

  • are often compliant because you are afraid to hurt your partner's feelings or are afraid of your partner

  • have the urge to "rescue" your partner when or because your partner is in trouble

  • find yourself apologizing to yourself or to others for your partner's behavior when you are treated badly

  • have been hit, kicked, shoved or had things thrown at you by your partner when he was jealous or angry

  • make decisions about activities and friends according to what your partner wants or how your partner will react

  • drink or use drugs (for some people) have been abused as a child

    Information compiled by Southern California Coalition on Battered Women, Los Angeles, CA

If you need help, call (626) 355-4545.
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Emergency Numbers

* Emergency


* Suicide Prevention

(310) 391-1253

* Child Abuse Hotline


* Elder Abuse Hotline


* Info Line

(626) 350-6833

Womens' Crisis Shelter * Haven House

(323) 681-2626

Rape Crisis Prevention * LACAAW

(626) 793-3385

Domestic Violence Program at Grace Center

(626) 355-4545

Victim Witness

(626) 356-5714

* Denotes Open 24 Hours

P.O. Box 40250
Pasadena, CA 91114
Telephone: (626) 355-4545
info@grace-center.org or info@fiveacres.org