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Gift Project FAQ

We are glad you are interested in participating. These tips provide some helpful information and should answer most questions. Thank you in advance for your generosity! Click here to download PDF Information sheet.

To whom am I giving this present?
At Grace Center, we have Empowerment Support Groups for women who are survivors of domestic violence. The gifts are for the women who participate in the groups as well as for their children. As most of our clients lack material resources and all our clients have had a tremendously difficult year. Help is critically needed and will make a valuable difference. Both the recipients and the staff will appreciate your help.

How much should I spend?
The usual donation is in $20 range. We would like all the children and adults to receive a present of equal value. Depending on your budget, you may want to give to more than one recipient or ask a friend to team up with you to purchase a gift.

What should I buy?
For the children, please buy an item or toy on our wish list. For the mothers we suggest a $20 gift card to Target or Wal-Mart (their favorite stores) so they can treat themselves to something special. For the Gift Project, please do not give used items. Please do not purchase anything (videos, toys, games, books, etc.) related to violence.

What do I do with the gift?

1. Please do not wrap the gift.

2. Please attach your name to the gift.

3. To arrange gift pick-up, please contact Leticia at (626) 355-4545 ext. 3133

4. Distribution begins early December .

What happens to each gift?
Through this project we help mothers give to their children. We will present the gift first to the mother who will wrap it and pass it on to her child. (We also welcome donations of ribbons, bows, and wrapping paper that is festive but not religious). Gifts for the women will be presented directly to them at their scheduled counseling or scheduled appointment.

What if I have more questions?
For questions about the Grace Center Gift Project, please contact Jasmine Abghari at (626) 798-6792 Ext. 2244 or Leticia Sanchez, (626) 355-4545, Ext.3133 or email them at
jbghari@5acres.org or lsanchez@5acres.org.

Thank You! Enjoy Giving!