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Protecting Children

Child Abuse Services

Violence, against a child, particularly sexual violence, is terrifying for the child. Kids feel ashamed and isolated, and their ability to love and trust is altered forever.

Children are most often abused by someone they know well and trust.

Rebuilding that shattered trust is a life-long journey. We start to rebuild that broken trust from the moment they come to our door. We advocate a multidisciplinary approach involving law enforcement, medical and social services.

One-Stop Interview
Abused children who are taken to a police station or hospital often think they are either bad or sick. So
only one person – a trained, soft-spoken adult who wears neither a uniform nor a gunevaluates each child in a comfortable child-friendly room, with toys available.

A monitor allows attorneys, psychologists, social workers, police officers, and physicians to evaluate the interview carefully and provide an effective, expert diagnosis and team approach.

Domestic Violence Services
Domestic violence often paralyzes with fear and humiliation. It results in intense feelings of alienation, confusion and loss of power and control. Grace Center helps resolve these issues with our multidisciplinary approach - the most powerful and effective form of treatment available for domestic violence.

Legal Service for Child Abuse Cases
Out of fear of reprisal or additional trauma, parents often refuse to allow their children to undergo the legal process necessary to obtain a prosecution. Grace Center is also there to help the family with sensitive and supportive legal advocacy services.

Grace Center offers:

  • 24 hour emergency response
  • Crisis intervention, counseling and evaluation
  • Complete confidentiality and anonymity
  • Support groups with free child care
  • Advocacy with social services, legal and judicial systems