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Finding Families

Five Acres’ involvement in Family Finding, an important strategy to connect and reunite foster and abused children with a family member or loved one, was featured in a "60 MINUTES" segment Sunday, Dec. 17, on CBS at 7 p.m and again on July 8, 2007.  Two girls in Five Acres' care were interviewed for the broadcast hosted by Lesley Stahl, which documents the work of Kevin Campbell who developed family finding.

Family Finding is a key component to Five Acres' Permanency Initiative, which is designed to establish a lasting connection for every child in its care. Using newly available technologies, Family Finding involves searching, locating, screening and engaging children’s family members in their lives. The process begins with discovering a child's family members, or other adults who have played a role in the child or parents' lives and creating a comprehensive list of individuals who are part  of the extended family.   
Those individuals are engaged to provide vital, personal information about {mosimage}the child so a detailed plan can be constructed aimed at permanent connections that can lead to a permanent living situation.  Once initiated, the new relationship is constantly evaluated, supported and monitored to assure permanency and a safe harbor.

It is hoped the "60 MINUTES" segment will attract support to agencies dedicated to finding loving, permanent homes for children who are most in need. Click Here for link to 60 Minutes website.

60 Minutes

lesleystahl 60 Minutes
Lesley Stahl discovers finding families at Five Acres