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Pasadena Mental Health Center

In 2007, Five Acres affiliated with Pasadena Mental Health Center. PMHC provides guidance and emotional support to a diverse array of everyday people at critical or difficult times in their lives. Affordable and accessible mental health services have been provided through PMHC to the under-insured or uninsured and those families and individuals with limited or no resources for such care since 1965.

Services are provided in an atmosphere of respect through one-on-one counseling and support groups. Counseling services and classes include parenting, stress and anxiety, anger management, grief and loss, juvenile delinquency, marital issues, depression, adult care giving issues, violence prevention, and juvenile substance abuse. Services are available to all.

Parenting Support Groups are offered in both English and Spanish
Specially designed counseling and group sessions
are available in Spanish or English
and are respectful of cultural and spiritual values and practices
First Offenders Program serves non-violent
youthful offenders and their families

For additional information, please call (626) 798-0907
and ask to speak to a client services counselor.