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Provide Homes


Every child deserves security and a loving home. Five Acres works to secure permanent homes through family preservation, family finding, fostering and adoption.

Foster Care

Together we offer a child in need a fresh start in a safe and loving home with hope for a better future. Five Acres resource parents help to end cycles of abuse and neglect. Our foster families not only provide temporary homes, safety, and nurturing to children but when reunification is the plan, they also help birth families by nurturing the children until they can safely be reunited with them. When reunification is not possible, many of our foster families choose to adopt the children who have been placed in their homes. Learn More

Family Preservation

The Family Preservation Network's public/private collaboration works to protect children in their own homes and avoid out-of-home placements through in-home counseling services to families. Services include mentoring, parent training, mental health services, case management and transportation assistance. Learn More

Adoption Promotion & Support

In 2001, Five Acres became a licensed, full-service adoption agency for Los Angeles County. Our Adoption Promotion and Support Services (APSS) provides support to children and adoptive families to nurture lifetime commitments, ensure permanency for children, expedite the adoption process and reduce disruption of adoption. Our goal is to decrease in the number of children remaining in out-of-home care and an increase in the number of finalized adoptions. Learn More