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Five Acres Training

Five Acres believes that staff training and development is vital to the successful operation of our programs. Employee knowledge and skills play an integral part in the delivery of quality services to children and their families and, to that end, the Training Department assists staff in staying current on the rapidly changing developments in their fields.

As part of our commitment to effectiveness, Five Acres implements Evidence-Based Practice models whenever possible to address specific populations with specific needs.  A key element to transitioning to new models of service delivery (in our case, the expansion of Evidence-Based Practices) is to recognize early successes and continue building on them.  Five Acres holds a variety of “Celebrating Success” events several times a year to advertise our practices so that others may learn about them, recognize the staff who deliver those practices for their commitment to excellence, and gather information for improving practices.  As of 2011, we provide across the agency, to staff only, six Evidence-Based Practices trainings. These include:          images of Five Acres 2010 Celebrating Success

    Aggression Replacement Training (ART)
    Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT)
    Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP)
    Seeking Safety
    Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy (TF-CBT)
    Triple P Parenting


Our Clinicians and Rehabilitation Specialists receive extensive training in these models and are supervised closely to ensure that they continue to deliver services in a model adherent manner.

The Training Department develops, provides and coordinates a wide variety of types of workshops for staff across the agency.  Many of these workshops are open to outside agencies as well.  Our comprehensive training opportunities meet or exceed standards established by licensing and accreditation bodies. 
To see trainings currently available to the public, click here

Five Acres is a provider of CEUs for licensed clinicians through the Board of Behavioral Sciences and for Group Home Administrators through the Department of Social Services.

For more information about the Training Department, contact Chelsea Krise, Training Coordinator or Lydia Spurgeon, Training Administrative Specialist
(626) 798-6793 Ext 2227 Email Chelsa
(626) 798-6797 Ext 2361 Email Lydia