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Aggression Replacement Training

One of seven Evidence-Based Practices currently used

Scientific Rating 
U.S. Department of Education’s Expert Panel on Safe, Disciplined and Drug-Free Schools = Promising Program
California Institute of Mental Health (CIMH) =  Promising Practice

Aggression Replacement Training (ART) – also known as “Training Prosocial Skills” in  the state of California - is delivered to clients in a group format by trained facilitators.  It consists of three components:
 1.  Social Skills Training uses a structured learning approach involving modeling, role playing, performance feedback, and transfer of learning to teach prosocial behaviors.  Practice outside the group setting is monitored by staff or parents who sign-off on client homework assignments.  Some of the skills involve such things as expressing a complaint constructively, dealing with negative peer pressure, keeping out of fights.
 2.  Anger Control Training teaches clients self-control strategies.  They learn to identify physiological cues, internal and external triggers, skills needed to manage provoking experiences and thinking errors, and to use self-evaluation strategies for self-reward or self-coaching.  Weekly diary or hassle logs are completed as a way of  increasing generalization.
 3.  Moral Reasoning Training focuses on the cognitive determinants of choosing between right and wrong through discussions of various moral dilemmas.  This component is best suited to youth ages 13 and older.
All three components can be offered or just one component.  The Social Skills groups and Moral Reasoning groups are considered "open" groups which means a client can miss a group without significant detrimental effect and new participants can be added at any time.  The Anger Control group, however, is "closed" since its skills build on one another.  Attendance at all the Anger Control groups, in order, is strongly recommended.
Recommended Population:    
Targeted youth are elementary through high school youth who have identified needs for the reduction of aggressive or conduct-disordered behaviors.  Groups consist of no more than eight youth who attend weekly or twice-weekly group sessions.
Five Acres currently provides ART groups in schools, the community and in our Residential Treatment Program.  Aggression Replacement Training

Download PDF flier of ART - Agression Replacement Therapy