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National Recognition BSFT

Five Acres deaf services program has been recognized nationally for work in Brief Strategic Family Therapy.  Congratulations Deaf Services. We are so proud!

"Brief Strategic Family Therapy BSFT  is an evidence-based practice.", as explained on the FTT website. "It was selected as a “Model” program by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention (CSAP), as a “Model” program by the OJJDP, as a “Model” program by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), and an "Exemplary" program by Strengthening America’s Families, among others. BSFT provides families with the tools to overcome individual and family risk factors through: 1) focused interventions to improve maladaptive patterns of family interaction, and 2) skills building strategies to strengthen families."  FTT's Five Acres story is below.

Five Acres BSFT Trainees
Posted December 2, 2010 on bsft-av.com - Family Therapy Training Institute of Miami

Five Acres is an amazing organization established in 1888 that provides a vast array of child and family services to greater Los Angeles. Thus, when their management contacted us at FTTIM to bring Brief Strategic Family Therapy (BSFT) implementation to a large number of their therapists, we were honored. And when this training also included the unique opportunity to train the staff of their highly respected Deaf Services Program, we were both excited and up for the challenge. Have any other evidence-based family therapy models trained deaf therapists to work with deaf families? We do not know, but we can confirm that it has been a very rewarding experience to have bestowed certification on this fine group of therapists, and to be continuing our journey with them. This program caters to a segment of society often neglected due to lack of trained experts in the field.

 Five Acres deaf services staff group photo taken outside.

Within the Deaf Services Program, we trained not only deaf therapists but also one hearing therapist who is fluent in American Sign Language. This is a unique program and much has been learned about some of the core idiosyncratic dynamics of deaf families from a systemic perspective and how to reverse dysfunctional transactions in these systems. 
Another important development to come from this experience is that we have learned how to use interpreters effectively without risking that the interpreter become a part of the therapeutic system.
At FTTIM we are proud to be in partnership with Five Acres, and we share the agency vision shared by Arthea Larson, their Director of Training and Staff Development:
"Effective Partnerships with Empowered Families through Compassion, Commitment, Collaboration, Integrity and Leadership"