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Five Acres helps children and families heal and thrive. Treatment is personalized and may utilize or combine assessment services, individual, family or group counseling, an individualized education plan (IEP) and an array of other services and mental health therapies.

Art Therapy
Children in the Mosaic Group recently learned to: risk imagination and creativity, enhance self-esteem, develop awareness of the world, learn and build creative problem solving skills. The children took the opportunity to try the new skills in a supportive environment and the payoff was satisfying. Recreational Therapist, Lupe reports that the children evolved and began identifying themselves in new and different ways, continuously using the words, “team”, “group” and “mosaic artists.” Each child can embrace all of these attributes and skills which they will keep forever. Read Their Story

Residential Treatment Center

The Residential Treatment Center provides intensive therapeutic services for children ages 6 to 13 removed from their homes by the courts. The program treats severe behavioral and emotional problems most often associated with abuse and neglect. Family therapy is provided to facilitate successful reunification by aftercare program therapists for children returning to their natural, foster or adoptive families. Learn More

Intensive Treatment Foster Care

Intensive Treatment Foster Care, ITFC, provides a nurturing, therapeutic family setting combined with individualized and intensive treatment for children and adolescents who might otherwise be placed in residential treatment. It allows for the least restrictive setting in a family home and community environment. Learn More

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Therapeutic Behavioral Services is a short-term, intensive intervention that is included as one component of a comprehensive mental health service plan. TBS provides one-to-one support for children experiencing a life crisis or when a life crisis is imminent, who need additional support to transition from a higher to a lower level of care or to prevent movement to a higher level of care. Learn More