Welcome to Five Acres

We recently celebrated a remarkable birthday for Five Acres – 129 years of uninterrupted service to Southern California caring for vulnerable children and their families. Originally founded in downtown LA as an orphanage, our initial mission was simply to provide safety to children who had no home. In time, our mission expanded to also focus on the well-being of our clients and caring for the mental and emotional health of children who were increasingly coming to us as a result of abuse or neglect. Having grown to an agency caring for nearly 8,700 children and family members annually across five counties, we now strive for permanency – a permanent, loving home – for all those in our care.

These three pillars; safety, well-being and permanency provide the framework for all of Five Acres’ current programs and they will guide our steps in the future as we continue seeking even more effective means of caring for children and families in crisis. For over 129 years Five Acres has been committed to preserving successful childcare programs and developing innovative services for children and families in crisis. With over 100,000 clients served since its founding in 1888, Five Acres currently cares for 8,700 children and families annually, across five counties including Los Angeles.

missionFive Acres promotes safety, well-being and permanency for children and their families by building on their strengths and empowering them within communities.


For over 129 years, children’s safety has been one of our priorities. Five Acres works to address and heal the trauma that effects children and their families so that children can grow safely and thrive within a loving family


Healthy families are more likely to remain intact and enjoy a greater level of well-being. Five Acres believes families stay together when they are provided with essential prevention and intervention resources for success


Five Acres actively strives to provide a sense of belonging by connecting children to caring adults with safe, permanent and loving families. With strong stability and the chance to stay in a loving home, children are able to rebuild their sense of belonging and grow.