Community-Based Services

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The Community-Based Division understands the importance of providing services to children, youth and their families.  Children may witness violence in their home or community, be a victim of bullying, have trouble following rules at home or school, or suffer a traumatic event in their life. Whatever the challenges may be, our team of graduate level mental health and case management professionals are ready and willing to help.   We meet the needs of children and families by providing comprehensive mental health services in home, at school, community and office settings.   Our team of caring professionals will help your child develop skills, rebuild and restore relationships, and ensure that they reach their fullest potential.

Mental Health Services

Our mental health services involve a thorough assessment of your child and family needs.  We set treatment goals and work on these goals, together.  We provide services that are tailored to the unique needs of your family and child.  We offer individual therapy, family therapy, and parent /caregiver support.  We also offer psychotropic medication assessment and management services, psychological testing services, as well as case, management and parenting support services

Medication Assessment/Management

Our psychotropic medication assessment and ongoing psychotropic medication management services are conducted by board certified psychiatrists who specialize in evaluating, understanding, and treating the unique mental health needs of children and adolescents.  Our doctors work in collaboration with you, your child, your child’s therapist and case manager to ensure that your child is receiving effective treatment.   Our psychotropic medication evaluation and management services are provided at our Pasadena, Altadena, and El Monte office sites.

Psychological Testing

After the start of counseling sessions, more in depth assessment services may be recommended.  Psychological testing services can then be made available.   These assessment services are conducted by a licensed psychologist who will evaluate your child’s diagnosis, cognitive impairments, and any identifiable developmental and educational challenges.  Our psychologists partner with the treatment team to provide coordinated care.

Case Management

Our case management supportive services provide ongoing support for your child and family.  Our case managers assist with finding resources that will benefit your family during the treatment process.  Resources may include after school programs, recreational activities, social supports, food banks, clothing, finances, housing assistance,  parenting classes, advocacy services, linkage to therapy for adults, emergency assistance, child care, and transportation assistance .  Our therapists and case managers work together to help your family get back on the right track.

Practices We Use

FCCS (Field Capable Clinical Services) This service category provides interventions that are focused on children ages 0-15 and 16-25 who are addressing risk factors such as (a) serious school failure  (b) have a co-occurring medical, substance abuse or developmental disability  (c) have experienced a traumatic event, or (d) are at risk of juvenile justice  or DCFS involvement.

This program provides moderately intensive services that focus on providing children and their families with the necessary skills to reduce a identified risk factors so that children can thrive.


Evidence Based Practices

Trauma Focused –Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – This evidence based practice delivers interventions focused on children ages 3-18 who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event.  Through the course of treatment the child and family are provided with education, relaxation skills, coping skills, a trauma narrative, and maintenance.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Practices) – This evidence based practice is designed to help parents and provide family support for those with children 0 -18 years old.   Triple P interventions target the reduction of severe behavioral, emotional, and developmental problems by enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents.

MAP (Managing and Adapting Practices) – This evidence informed practice intervention set is focused on children and youth ages birth to 21 years old who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, or disruptive behaviors.  This research based approach identifies and implements the best treatment tools for your child and family.


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