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Programs 2014

Five Acres offers a spectrum of evidence-based programs and services that promote safety, well-being and permanency for children and families. This year, we highlight a selection of outcomes that reinforce stability and advance each child’s Pathway to Permanency. This is done by providing targeted preventive and therapeutic services, empowering individuals and strengthening families. For information visit a program area by clicking on the program list below or by using the menu.  Download a PDF of our Privacy policy (HIPAA) by clicking here

PERMANENCY PROGRAMS - Promote Fostering and Adoption; Cultivate Family Connections and Find Permanent Homes
Adoption and Adoption Support Services (APSS)
Foster Care
Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC)

THERAPEUTIC PROGRAMS - Mediate Family Crises; Provide Intensive Intervention and Organize Wraparound Support
Grace Center
Pasadena Mental Health Center (PMHC)
Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS - Safeguard Vulnerable Children; Deliver Integrated Therapy and Foster Positive Behavior
Residential Treatment Center (RTC)
Residentially-based Services (RBS)
Group Homes

EDUCATIONAL SERVICES - Engage Unique Learners; Build Confidence and Enthusiasm and Boost Academic Achievement
Therapeutic School (NPS: non-public school)
School-based Services
Tutoring & Public School Support

COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES - Engage Community Partners; Facilitate Conflict Resolution and Preserve Family Function
Deaf Services
Family Preservation Network
Multidisciplinary Assessment Teams (MAT)
Pasadena Mental Health Center (PMHC)

Five Acres' services are family centered and individually-focused.  Five Acres is dedicated to finding permanent homes, strengthening family ties, ensuring safety and creating well-being for all the children we serve. Programs continueally evolve to meet community needs. A “permanency vision” is  embraced in every area of children’s welfare to ensure that every child served by Five Acres has a permanent, lifelong connection to a caring adult and a stable, permanent home with a “forever families”.  Eighty-nine percent of children on campus and 90% those in our foster care have established what promises to be lifelong connections.